Chaemiko – “I sort of just panicked which resulted in me losing”

The largest service dedicated to Warcraft in Asia – War3Station, in the gap between the first and second group stage of WGL Summer 2019, interviewing one of the best Human player in Korea – Chaemiko.

On a daily basis, a player playing the flag of Winners, was questioned, among other, about his duels from the first phase of the WGL Summer 2019, about what thoughts were going through his head during the matches with Fly100%. There is also a curious fragment about the effect of Whiplash movie on him.

The text is long and thanks to the courtesy of the friendly portal GornLan Harbor, it has been translated into English. Below is a short introduction:

Your group in the top 8 includes 120, TH000, and Sok. Your first match is against 120. Has your confidence improved? 
Chaemiko: 120 is an incredibly strong player. As far as I am concerned, he is a pretty tough player to play against. Although very difficult, I am going to still try my hardest to take 1 match from him. I’m not too confident I can get into the top four, anyways. 

Full version in English can be found on the GLH website, to which we are sincerely inviting.

Source and photos: GornLan Harbor

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