Emperor Penguin Championship – results for 5th and 6th round

EPC is a series of meetings in the King of the Hill format. A competitive format for the Warcraft Survival Battle that has been playing for some time. Eighteen players from Korea and China were invited to take part in this undertaking. Last weekend is the fifth and sixth rounds.

As in the case of WSB, the players were divided into two divisions. While in the competitive formula we have Warcraft Survival Battle and Warcraft Survival Cup. Here, the organizers divided the players into the following divisions: S-Class and A-Class. Matches under the higher group are in the bo7 formula. Players on the other fight for three wins.

Last weekend is the outcome of the fifth and sixth rounds of this competition. After eliminating 120 by LawLiet in the fourth round, the Korean competed with his compatriot – Chaemiko. The match ended with the victory of the first with the score 4:1.

The next round is again a NvH fight. The Moon slayer in the group stage of WCG was Sok. This time, the race of the Human Alliance came out victoriously with 4-2 win, and Winners member will advance further. His rival in the next stage will be representing Newbee Lyn.

For each victory, the gentlemen wrote down in their accounts about $360. In addition, LawLiet as a loser of Saturday’s match received a little over $140 (about $73 for every won map in a lost match) for consolation. Next matcheswill be this Saturday and Sunday (August 3 and 4). On the last day of the week Moon enters the game!

Division A is the dominance of Colorful, which remained invincible for 4 consecutive rounds. Eventually, his winning series was interrupted by the mTw member Michael (Lucifer). His rival in the next round will be the only representative of Brave Star Gaming in the stake, namely XiaoKai.

In division A, the player receives approximately $218 for the victory in the match. The loser gets $73 for each of the won maps in the lost match.

Source: Liquipedia