Endgame Gear Masters – still without full list of participants

Behind us are three qualifying tournaments under the EGG Masters. Still, we do not know the full list of participants in the final stage because of the draws in the point table.

Before the last qualifying round, three competitors: Foggy, Netypoh and Spiral secured themselves. On Sunday afternoon, the fight fought for the remaining five places. Little was missing, and TeRRoR would join the group of participants of the next stage. Unfortunately, in the fight for the quarterfinals, our compatriot has succumbed to XlorD, who is probably once more willing to return to professional game.

After finishing the last tournament, where players could win points that promoted to the next stage, we had a situation in which up to six players had the same points balance. The organizers decided that the promotion will be granted to the player with better map balance during all tournaments. This helped a bit, but it did not solve the final issue of all the playoffs.

Today, at 20:00, the extra-time round will begin between: XlorD, Starshaped and Sonik. The gentlemen will challenge each other in bo3 matches. The player who manages the best will occupy the last available slot in the playoffs.

List of participants in the playoff phase:

  • LongWalk
  • Netypoh
  • Foggy
  • EnTe
  • WaN
  • Spiral
  • Cash

Broadcast from an additional round is provided by Khaldor on his channel on Twitch.tv.

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