EPC – Orc dominance

Last weekend is the next stage of the Emperor Penguin Championship. Two S-Class and A-Class divisions returned to the game and there were some surprising results.

For the beginning, lower division, where players play their duels in the bo5 format. The Saturday match is a clash between Lucifer and XiaoKai. The mTw representative slowly rebuilds his form, noting better results, but they seem to be far from his glory days. His rival from the Brave Star Gaming team can not boast of such a range of successes and experiences. Nevertheless, thanks to a solid game, he was able to finish the whole meeting without losing the map and advance to the Sunday match.

XiaoKai’s rival in the Sunday duel was 无 道 oc. Once again, we were dealing with a quick 3-map game. A player playing the Orc race for Go did not give his opponent a chance. XiaoKai for each lost map could still receive over $ 70 for each point scored. However, his team partner did not give him such a chance.

Despite this, Qian KaiKai was classified in third place in terms of money earned in this tournament, earning over $ 200. He were preceded by: XiaoKK and Colorful, earning respectively $360 and almost $940.

The S-Class division in turn welcomed us with the Sok vs Lyn match. Former representative of such teams as SK-Gaming or World Elite after a period of slightly weaker results returns to form. Saturday’s duel fell to his quarry and he won about $350 as a reward.

The last rival in this EPC edition was TH000, who replaced Moon. Meeting with a two-time world champion is certainly an extremely difficult challenge. After all, Lyn was able to defeat his rival losing only one map.

I hope that weekend victories are not just a one-off case and players focusing on the Orc race, which will be more often emphasized by their presence in tournaments.



  • Sok 2:4 Lyn
  • TH000 1:4 Lyn


  • Lucifer 0:3 XiaoKai
  • 无道oc 3:0 XiaoKai