Full list of participants in 2nd season of Warcraft3.info League

Registration for the next edition of Warcraft3.info League has come to an end. Thus, we got to know the full list of teams that decided to participate in this project.

The first season of the league, organized by one of the most recognizable websites about the strategy in the world of Azeroth, proved to be extremely successful. In front of the screens, hundreds of viewers have been attracted. Community was motivated to compete. In addition to recognition, of course, teams also compete for financial prizes.

There are several changes ahead of us this season. The first is the change in the division of teams. Until now, the teams were divided into games within two groups. In order to raise the level of the show, it was decided to divide into divisions. The second, this time sad news is that on the list of participants in vain to look for the Polish Lets Go Boys. At the moment I am not aware of the reasons of their absence in the second season of competition. Fortunately, we will still see the composition of Veni Vidi Vici under the leadership of KPC.

In addition to LGB, ProGraminG and FFA Beaver League also said goodbye to the next season. This does not mean, however, that we will be less teams in the league. There were so many willing to participate in the game that the organizers once again had to organize an elimination round:

  • sp4rtans vs.  rbr
  • VOGO eSPORT vs. n1 gaming

Full list of Warcraft3.info League Season 2 participants:

  1. Division
  • Oceanus Gaming
  • Soviet War Elite
  • mTw
  • uMaD Gaming
  • Cascade Esports
  • Firestalker
  • Squelch Kommando
  • Bulgaria

2. Dicvision:

  • DuSt Gaming
  • RAGE Esports
  • France
  • Bremen eSports
  • Veni Vidi Vici
  • HOT ELITE 2018

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