Happy wins WGL Summer 2019

Behind us is a week of great emotions related to the most important event on the Warcraft scene so far. Over the last eight days, all eyes were directed towards Shanghai, where the Warcraft Gold League 2019 Summer finals were played. For the first time, the title of the champion was taken by a player from outside Asia.

When the citizens of Europeans were only rubbing their eyes after Saturday’s parties, four players stood up, who had only one goal. Get $ 30,000 for the first place. From the early morning Twitter and other social networks have been racing in predictions about the winners of individual matches and the entire tournament.

Although many inhabitants of the Old Continent who followed the games kept their fingers crossed for Happy‘s victory, hardly anyone believed in his victory. The more that his rival was extremely dangerous and so far undefeated on any map during the final tournament. Speak, of course, about TH000. Although the first map was taken by the Chinese, the next three clashes are the triumph of the Russian. In this way, Dmitry Kostin made it to the final with at least $ 15,000.

The second match is also an amazing meeting between the unpredictable 120 and solid and reliable for many years Moon. Analogically to the previous duel, the Chinese was able to break out only one point. After the next three maps it was clear that there will be no replay of 2005, when in the final of the tournament of a large rank tournament we had a match of two players with the race of Undead. The Korean reported in the fight for $ 30,000 sending the last player from the Middle Kingdom with a consolation prize of $ 5,000

In retrospect, it can be stated that the final stage of the game was the curse of winning the first map. Twice the players who won the first clash eventually dropped out of the tournament. The final match was solved in the same way. Moon took the first map, then he had to recognize the superiority of his rival on the next three maps.

In this way Happy signed up on the pages of history as the first winner of a tournament organized by WGL, from outside Asia. As a reward, he received $ 30,000. The master’s reactions, after winning the Moon, you can see in the following video:

Warm congratulations for the new World Champion. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Back2Warcraft team. It is thanks to them we could experience the emotions associated with this tournament from the first hand and listen to their reliable comment!

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