Last player for playoff stage in EGG Masters

Yesterday evening brought a final decision on the list of participants who will take part in the playoff phase, a tournament organized by Endgame Gear in cooperation with Khaldor.

Originally, the list of players who will fight for the last place in the knockout phase was as follows:

  • XlorD
  • Starshaped
  • Sonik

After a more thorough analysis it turned out that unfortunately Sonik, due to the weaker duel balance, will not take part in the additional round. For consolation, the Ukrainian still counts in the fight to travel to Shanghai for the W-League finals. In the end, the question of which player will be the Foggy’s opponent in the first round was to be decided within only one bo3 match.

It did not come as a surprise and the favorite of this meeting, which was undoubtedly German, secured itself to the next round of the tournament and still has a chance to participate in the prize pool of 2.500€. In addition to financial awards, the organizers also provided valuable material prizes such as computer hardware from AMD.

The full list of the playoffs of the Endgame Gear Masters:

  • XlorD
  • WaN
  • EnTe
  • Spiral
  • Netypoh
  • Foggy
  • Cash
  • LongWalk

The first matches in the playoffs start today at 19:00. Transmission of course on Khaldor’s channel.

Schedule for 6.08:

  • 19:00 WaN vs Netypoh
  • 20:00 Cash vs EnTe