MYM Cup#2 – Sonik takes it again

The last Sunday is not only the outcome of the W3IL relegation tournament and the final clashes in WGL. This is also the next edition of the tournament organized by the ESL under the name MYM Cup marked this time with the number 2.

MeetYourMakers is an organization shining triumphs on the Warcraft scene a decade ago, including Moon and Lucifer. The organization has often changed investors and owners over the years. Unfortunately, she failed to survive the test of time and today is just a memory.

To honor their history, an initiative was launched under the name MYM Cup, which is mainly aimed at the European community. The first edition gathered quite a few players from Poland. FranCesc and KroLu were the furthest who dropped out in the quarterfinals.

Yesterday’s edition for the second time in a row was taken by the Ukrainian player Sonik, who defeated ProGraminG Please in the final. Thus, the first one received 10 €.

MYM Cup # 2 final classification:

  1. Sonik
  2. Please
  3. ena1337 / rvs

So far we do not have information about the third edition. As soon as we receive the appropriate information, we will certainly inform about it on our pages. We invite you to take part in similar initiatives. In addition to a modest monetary prize, we also have the chance to compete with players from the forefront of League.