New functionality on site!

It took some time for me, but eventually it worked. From now every registered user has the opportunity to share their replays of games with the community. There were also opportunities to comment and download saved games.

From the very beginning, when I decided to return to active participation in building the Warcraft III community, he devoted one goal to me. Build something like the now-defunct, where players built a fantastic community and fed the daily dose of news from the Warcraft III scene.

After quite a long period of endeavor, I finally managed to implement the necessary functionality, which is the ability to share the rest of the players with my saved games. I hope that it will breathe a little more life on the site and let it grow even further.

I’m still struggling with a few problems that I am trying to solve on a regular basis. Among other things, there are activation links when registering an account. In connection, I ask you to contact me via Facebook or Discord after registration. Thanks to this I will be able to activate my user account manually.

I have nothing else but to invite you to register and use the new functionality.