Replayers looking for volunteers

It is not without reason that this entry will have a first-person form. In accordance with the start of my new website I am aware of the confessions that stand before me. I know that it will be extremely difficult for me alone. As a result, I invite everyone willing to cooperate in the development of the site to cooperation. From now on I am opening recruitment for every position. If you want to help build the Polish and international Warcraft III community, this is the perfect place for you!

Currently is looking for:

  • Graphics
  • Editors
  • Streamers / commentators
  • People to take care about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Video editor

Each of the positions, of course, slightly differs in the required knowledge in a given area. I do not, however exclude anyone and I think that everyone deserves to get a chance and the opportunity to show in front of community. On many issues, I provide help based on my several years of experience in the industry. However, I will go over the general requirements:

  • Good knowledge of Polish and / or English
  • Willingness to work
  • Availability*
  • Communication with the other members of the team
  • Experience is welcome, although it is not required

I know Warcraft is not available since yesterday and a large group of players grew up on it. Today have their’s own family and responsibilities. Therefore, I do not require 24/7 availability, but it would be appreciated if I could count on possible support from the candidate in given time.

For my part, I can offer:

  • Help in all ways to gain the necessary wisdom and broaden your horizons
  • The opportunity to co-create the largest and best project among the Polish community
  • Learning techniques related to SEO, web design

If you are interested in cooperation, I invite you to contact directly with me by Discord, or other social media and via the Cooperation page.

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