Schedule for the weekend

The upcoming weekend is full of eSports events from Warcraft. We have eight opportunities to watch best players in various leagues ahead of us.

Friday, June 5

At the beginning, the initiative of the Bulgarian community and their 1v1 league. The willingness to participate was expressed by as many as 20 players, including representatives of Clan Bulgaria and Run Bi7ch Run teams, as well as several non-associated players under any team. The first matches start today and the league will be inaugurated by the MySuMMerX vs whatcanuddo match. The prize pool is $433, where the best participant has been allocated over 30% of this pool, specifically $151.54. The winner will be announced on September 15. Two Bulgarian channels: Shortymon and DooMNoThx will take care of the transmission.

Friday noon will be marked by the final phase of XiaoY Cup 16. The tournament with a prize pool of nearly $600. There are 4 matches ahead of us: two semi-final games, third place match and the final. There are four players in the stake and this is how the finals are presented:

  • 5.06 13:00 CEST: Romantic vs
  • 5.06 14:00 CEST: FoCuS vs Colorful
  • 15:00 CEST: Match for third place
  • 16:00 CEST: Final

The transmission in English can be found on the Back2Warcraft channel on

The dominance of Moon continues, meaning the second round of Warcraft Survival Battle. So far no one has been able to resist enough Korean, who last weekend took second place during WGL Summer 2019. Thanks to this, he has so far gained nearly $ 2,500. Today we will have a replay of the beginning of the cycle. A duel of players who once played in one team (Meet Your Makers).

  • 5.06 12:00 CEST: Moon vs Lucifer

Last time the Night Elf player triumphed by winning 5 out of 7 maps. How it will be this time? Stream in French can be found on the NoWarcraft3 channel on

As Survival Battle, you can not miss the Survival Cup. At the time of publication of this text, it is not known who will be the opponent of WhO, who in the previous round dealt with Checki without losing the map. Broadcast from this meeting on the Korean channel Chonana1, where the meetings are commented on by LawLiet, JuPanda, Frenzy and Sok. The match should start parallel to the WSB at 12:00 CEST.

Saturday, June 6

On Saturday 6.07, around 7:00 AM CEST should begin showmatch with The Korean will face four players in the bo2 formula. If he manages to win, each of them will receive around $170. A $17 will disappear every time he loses the single map. The player who manages to win the map will receive around $25. Broadcast on the Korean iat365 channel.

As far as demonstration matches are concerned, it will be around the Saturday afternoon that Musica and GunEgg will compete in the KDS Showmatch. The channel from Ladin19 (in Korean) will take care of the report from this event.

The upcoming weekend is also full of events from the ESL. We have the fourth qualifying stage ahead of us in the Hi2Chaco League Season 3. We have already secured the participation of one of the Poles in the final by winning the first qualifying round by – Tomasz “TeRRoR” Pilipiuk.

The tournament starts on Saturday at 18:00, and you can sign up at 17:40 here. Broadcast on the Hi2Chaco Dutch channel.

Sunday, June 7

Sunday is the next edition of MYM Cup, this time marked with number 3. So far, Sonik triumphed twice in tournaments from this series. Will he reach for victory this time? Maybe one of our readers will get 20€ for the winner? The tournament starts at 18:00 and as in the case of the league organized by Hi2Chaco, you can sign up by 17:40 here.

The event of the weekend will be the inauguration of the League knockout phase. The six best teams from groups A and B will compete for the title of the best team in the first season of W3IL. For the best team there is a prize of 225€, and the total prize pool is set to 450 €. Matches scheduled for Sunday:

  • 7.07 14:00 CEST: mTw vs Cascade Esports
  • 7.07 17:00 CEST: Firestalker vs uMaD Gaming

Broadcast, among others, on the Back2Warcraft channel.

It will be a fantastic weekend for Warcraft fans!