Some details about W3IL Season 2

The official conclusion of the first season League is in a one and a half week (the final meeting is scheduled for 28.07), the organizers have revealed some details about the next season.

League administrators with dur0 at the forefront have prepared a draw for all those who would like to take part in season 2 with their team and compete for cash prizes. In addition, there are also a few changes compared to the inaugural season, which is slowly coming to an end.

Changes for Season 2:

  • New system: There will be additional divisions in this season. The existing teams are divided based on their results in Season 1. New teams will start in the lowest division. Each division shall consist of eight teams. There may be some adjustments required depending on the number of signups. The top four of division 1 will qualify for the playoffs. In the lower divisions, the top four will play in a relegation match against the four lowest placed teams of the upper division for a spot in the upper division. In consequence, there are four clan wars between two divisions. The highest seeds from the upper division face the low seeds from the lower division. The winners play in the upper division in the following season and the losers in the lower one.
  • Teams now must have at least six members (not players). We want to make sure that every team is able to have a solid roster in case players are missing.
  • Clans are now permitted to add up to two new players to their roster during the season, as long as the players haven’t participated in any match in the season to date. Consequently, teams are more flexible now, if some of their members become unavailable or inactive during the season.
  • The veto-process has changed: after the first map (which is still decided by the admins), both players veto two maps each in the order: W-L-W-L. The loser picks the second map from the remaining two. In case of third game, the remaining map is played. We hope with the new system the veto-process is clearer and more fair for the players.
  • The winner of each map has to upload the replay (missing replays will result in penalty points). The burden of uploading is now not only on the shoulders of the winning team. It is also more obvious, that the winner of a match saves and uploads the replay.

Sign ups for the second season of the League are open and will last until August 4. You can find more details here.

At the moment Team Bulgaria, uMaD Gaming and Squelch Kommando confirmed their participation in Season 2. We will inform you about other teams as soon as we will get some informations.