W-League EU prelims finished

Last weekend is one of the most important events on the European Warcraft scene. The first round of qualifications under the W-League has been completed. Four players were selected who will join the previously invited group of players and compete for the place in the playoffs in Shanghai.

Group A

Saturday afternoon began with Sonik’s classic clash with JohnnyCage. The Ukrainian so far could not find a way to defeat the Russian. It was not different this time. Although the representative of uMaD Gaming was able to break the map, it is not enough to advance to the next stage in the winner’s bracket.

After XlorD defeated Netypoh without losing the map, we went to the final of the winner’s bracket, where victory was worth advancing to the next stage of the competition. After 2:1 victory over JohnnyCage, the German enjoyed the promotion.

In the losers’ bracket the first meeting between Sonik and Netypoh brought victory to the first. The time has come for a rematch for an earlier meeting. This time the domination of the Russian was broken and Sonik advanced further, and a member of Cascade Esports goes away with nothing.


Group B

Sunday afternoon is the moment when the men from group B enter the action. To begin with, one of the representatives of Europe at SyDe faced EfFeCt. Two maps of this meeting were: Last Refuge and Northen Isles were taken by a French and he was registered in the final of the winnings ladder, on Spiral waited after the victory over EnTe with the score 2: 1.

This day evidently did not belong to the sole representative of mTw at stake. The first round of the loser’s ladder is a 2-0 defeat and in this way, after playing 5 games, EnTe says goodbye to the chance to go to China. The last match of the day is a match for promotion to the next qualifying round. Syde and EfFect stood in front of each other. The Frenchman once again proved that he is in the lead of European players and after winning 2-0, he secured a place in the next stage.


What’s next?

Now we are about two weeks off. The next qualifying round starts on 17.08 and will be played in the Swiss formula. The best four of this stage will be promoted to the playoff phase, where the actual fight for promotion to offline finals will take place, which will be played in Shanghai.

The representative of the Old Continent will know about 22.09. In addition to the trip, players also compete for cash prizes. The pool of prizes in the qualification is less than $ 1,500. The winners will be over $ 500. The player from the second place for consolation will receive about $ 260. The promotion to the playoff phase during the qualification will guarantee players about $ 100.

List of participants in the European W-League qualifications:

  • HawK
  • Cash
  • Happy
  • ThorZain
  • Spiral
  • XlorD
  • Sonik
  • Syde