W-League Season 2 with European players

As reported by GornLan Harbor, preparations for the second season of the prestigious W-League are underway, in which the prize pool for offline finals will be $15,000.

W-League is a league organized by the Asian site War3Station. So far, we have had the chance to follow the struggles of their Super League and First Division, which ended with offline finals held in Shanghai. Then TH000 enjoyed the victory. Moon came right behind him.

Games last season were divided into two separate leagues. In each of them there were ten players and competed each other. The first group marked as Super League guaranteed participation in the offline finals of the best six. From the First Division group, promotion was only for the best two players.

After the success of Happy and the stirs that he caused on the Asian scene, it was decided to add European qualifications. The organization were entrusted to the Back2Warcraft team. The games themselves on the Old Continent should start at the end of August.

So far, we know that only the winner will be able to play in the offline finals. The remaining 7 slots will be supplemented by Asian players. The format of the games has not been announced yet.

Source: GornLan Harbor

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