W-League with European qualifications

Yesterday late afternoon through Back2Warcraft and Warcraft3.info we received information about the European qualifiers round as part of the W-League 2019. The first matches starts this Saturday!

The previous edition was won by none other than TH000, defeating Moon in the final. Due to the fact that the inhabitants of the Old Continent are more and more accenting their presence in Asian tournaments, in this year’s edition, one of the places in the playoff phase is reserved for the European.

European qualifications have been divided into two stages. In the first round, eight invited players will face each other. They were divided into two groups of four. The two best players (from each group) will be promoted to the closed stage, where the next four gamers are invited by the organizers. All group phase matches are played in the bo3 format.

List of players invited to participate in the preliminary round:

  • EfFeCt
  • JohnnyCage
  • Spiral
  • XlorD
  • EnTe
  • SyDe
  • Sonik
  • Netypoh

The winners in the next round will face with:

  • HawK
  • Happy
  • Cash
  • ThorZaIN

The ladders of individual groups are presented as follows:


Saturday 3.08

  • 17:00 – JohnnyCage vs Sonik
  • 18:00 – XlorD vs Netypoh
  • + next rounds

Sunday 4.08

  • 17:00 – SyDe vs EfFeCt
  • 18:00 – EnTe vs Spiral
  • + next rounds

The next stage of qualification will be played in the Swiss system. Each meeting will be played in the bo5 format. Then the best four players will advance to the playoff phase. The winner of this stage will receive a place in the playoffs during the finals of W-League 2019.

Scheduler for this stage:

  • 17 August – Round I
  • August 24 – Round II
  • August 31 – Round III
  • September 7 – Round IV
  • September 14 – Round V
  • September 22 – Playoffs

It is fantastic that once again we will be able to follow the big Asian tournament in which a representative of Europe will perform. I regret, however, the fact that there is a lack of places for open-qualification players. Of course, the Back2Warcraft team will take care of the broadcast and commentary.

Source: Back2Warcraft, Liquipedia, warcraft3.info