W3IL – final results for relegation matches

Yesterday afternoon, when the dust still rained after the shocking event, which was Happy’s victory in the WGL Summer 2019 final. Four teams were fighting for the first division of the Warcraft3.info League.

Warcraft3.info League is by far the largest team event this year among our community. Many teams expressed their willingness to participate in it. It was necessary to play the qualifying round. After several weeks of struggle, the league’s leaders decided to create two divisions in the next season. Therefore, they needed to select teams that will remain in the first group and teams to be delegated lower.

That is the reason for relegation stage after the end of the main round, in which a total of six teams from both groups took part:

  • DuSt Gaming
  • Bulgaria
  • RAGE Esports
  • ProGaminG
  • Lets Go Boys
  • Squelch Kommando

At the first stage of the games, the teams LGB and RAGE Esports said goodbye to the chance to play in the first division. Yesterday’s afternoon final settlements took place. The pG and SQK teams stood against each other, while DuSt took Bulgarie.

Both matches ended with the result 8: 1. The teams from Bulgaria and Russia secured the maintenance in the first division. If you are curious about the progress of these meetings, you can find the coverage with the Polish commentary on our channel on Twitch.tv.