W3IL – Last match is ahead of us

The last Sunday was to bring a decision within the first season of Warcraft3.info League. The top four teams competed in the fight for 225€ and the honorable title of the champion. We will have to wait a bit longer for the final result, because due to the prolonged competition it was decided to play the final in a different time.

The Swedes playing under Soviet War Elite were the first to enter the game. Their opponent was the German organization mTw. To advance further, one of the teams had to score 8 points on their account. None of the teams wanted to give victory easily and we needed a full distance to get to know the first finalist.

Only 2v2 duel between the teams allowed to indicate the winner of the whole meeting. In my personal opinion, the mTw team was the favorites, which before the final bo3 was leading by 7:5. Duo Check and Michael (formerly Lucifer), won their previous 1v1 clashes by defeating KnOfF and Effect respectively. Throughout the regular season, SWE players often changed their composition in 2v2 duels. This time they bet on their best players.

In this way KnOfF joined Thorzain, who was the only one to beat HawK in the 1v1 match (before this match, the Russian did not lose any individual bo3 in the regular season). The Swedes defeated the Koeran duo without losing the map and thus secured a share in the grand final, in which they will compete for 225€.

The second match is the clash of Oceanus Gaming from the uMaD Gaming. Here the duel seemed to be leveled, however, it was EnTe and his team that coped with the opposing team without any problems and they checked in the final after a quick 8:2 victory.

Yesterday we had to wait for the final match. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the meeting of SWE and mTw has been dragged on quite a bit, the decision was made to move the finale to another date. As a result, the winner of the first season of the Warcraft3.info League will be known in two weeks. The meeting is scheduled for 28.07, at 17:00. Both teams are unbeatable so far. However, if we look at the balance of the points of the regular season, the Canadian team is placed as the favorite of this meeting.


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