Warcraft Survival Battle – Who will stop the dominance of Moon?

It’s time for the next installment of Warcraft Survival Battle and Warcraft Survival Cup. Ahead of us is the third week of competition as part of the second round of this event.

WSB is a series of show matches in which players compete against each other in a full bo7 distance duel. Each won map is worth about $60 for the player. This means that even when losing the whole game, the player who says goodbye to the tournament does not have to leave without anything.

The leading players from South Korea were invited to participate, including such stars as Moon, Sok, or the winner of the qualifying tournament as part of WGL Winter 2019 – FoCuS. This event was totally dominated by the first of the mentioned players.

Behind us are nine bo7 matches (bypassing the “Intro” match), in which we could follow the show of one player … Since the inauguration of the official matches, in the game from the first round, there is still one player – Moon. So far, only one player was able to threaten the Korean, and it was FoCuS. It is true that a member of the LP Club lost 3:4, but as the only one he was able to resolve the whole of the bo7 on the last map.

And that’s how the pair of today’s WSB meeting will look like. Moon and FoCuS will face each other. Will the bronze medalist WCG 2019 remain unbeaten? Or maybe his weaker form from the WGL qualifying tournament will be repeated and his rival will replace him in the next matches? We will know the answer to this question today after 12:00, when the next WSB round will start.

In parallel to the WSB, a similar tournament is played with a slightly smaller pool and slightly different rules – Warcraft Survival Cup. Matches in this format are played in the bo5. So far, the best player in this series was Check, who won five meetings. Behind him with a set of two wins there are: FoV and WhO.

We will be able to see WhO and Check’s meeting also at noon today. So far, men have faced each other four times and the balance of their rivalry is 2:2. Who will be better this time?

You can watch the transmission of the meetings on the Twitch.tv site on the Chonana1 channel.