Weekend timetable #31

The awakening weekend will be full of tournament emotions. We have seven different opportunities ahead of us to see the best players in action.

Yule Cup

For starters, lasting for two days Yule Cup. I am very surprised at how these fights are leveled and the rotation at the place of the reigning Champion. During seven meetings, which were held yesterday from the throne, they had to give way four times. The full list of yesterday’s results is as follows:

The winner of the last match – Romantic will inaugurate today’s round as the reigning Master. The list of enemies from which the LP Club member chooses his next rival looks like:

  • Linguagua
  • Tbc_bm
  • Check
  • Lucifer
  • Sok
  • Chaemiko
  • XiaoKK

Each victory is worth over $70, and the winner of the last duel on a given day receives an additional sum, also in the amount of about $73. Romantic thus winning in two matches (including the last match of the day) has already raised over $210. The Chinese comes back to play today at 13:00 and you can follow the broadcast of this meeting on the Back2Warcraft’s channel on Twitch.tv.


The upcoming weekend is also another match within the Emperor Penguin Championship. Players with both S-Class and A-Class return to the game. Tomorrow in action we will be able to see the following matches:


  • Sok vs Lyn


  • XiaoKai vs Lucifer

Matches should start on Saturday (3.08) at 9:00 CEST. The victory in the duel in the “S” division (bo7) is worth around $363. The prize for winning a match in the lower class of matches is around $218 (bo5). The losers in both cases receive about $73. The transmission of the commentary in English anagolously to Yule Cup will be carried out by the Back2Warcraft team.

W-League 2019 – EU

The nearest Saturday and Sunday is also marked by the European qualification for the W-League 2019. Eight invited players will compete for the place in the next phase of the competition, where the stake is a share of about $ 1,500 and trip to the offline finals in China.

The pairs separated between groups A and B were also drawn:

Group A matches start on Saturday (3.08) at 17:00 CEST. A day later, competitors from group B enter the competition at the same time. Transmission of course by Neo & Remo.

Ladin Cup # 6

On Saturday, the sixth edition of the Ladin Cup will also take place. Tournament organized by Korean streamer Saladin. At the moment, the prize pool is around $ 85 and is reserved for the two best players.

The tournament is open to anyone willing and will be played on the NetEase platform. An additional prize for the best Korean player is promotion to the Warcraft Survival Cup, which next round will be held on Tuesday (6.08). Transmission of this event on the organizer’s channel – Saladin.

Endgame Gear Master # 3

On Sunday, the last EGG qualifying tournament. Tournament organized by the Endgame Gear company and the German commentator Khaldor. Although it will be extremely difficult, but one of the Poles – TeRRoR still has a chance for promotion.

You can register here. The start of the games at 14:00 CEST this Sunday. Broadcast from this event on the Khaldor’s channel. At the moment, three players are sure to participate in the final stage of the games: Foggy, Spiral and Netypoh. There is still a chance to grab one of the five remaining spots.

Surely there is a lot to fight for because prizepool of this event is worth 2500€ and valuable prizes.

Hi2Chaco League # 3 – (Not) last chance for qualifying

Although the last qualifying round numbered # 8 will start this Sunday, qualification # 7 has still not been played. Their date was transported on Thursday, August 8. In theory, therefore, the Sunday tournament organized by one of the streamers is sharp in order, but in practice there will still be a chance to grab the last slot in the finals on Thursday.

List of players who have been promoted to the final stage so far:

  • TeRRoR
  • Edo
  • SyDe
  • Mosura
  • KraV
  • Happy

You can register at this address.

MYM Open Cup # 7

Sunday is also the next edition of the tournament organized on the ESL platform – MYM Cup, in which a prize of 10 € is foreseen for the victory.

I recommend the tournament to particularly less experienced players who would like to prove themselves in the competition with leading players from Europe. Taking part in the tournament, you have the chance to face players such as: Sonik, Please or JohnnyCage, and a duel with someone like this will certainly be an interesting experience.

You can register here.

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