WGL Summer – vierwieship analysis

The company ESCharts engaged in the study of viewership of eSports events, carried out an audience analysis for finished last sunday WGL Summer 2019 tournament.

None of the Warcraft fans need to be convinced how big was last tournament played in Shanghai. From the investors point of view, the most important element is also how many viewers are able to collect a given game. This is largely dependent on the future of subsequent editions of individual events.

Looking at the statistics from WGL Summer 2019 and comparing them with the last winter edition, there is a significant increase in interest in the strategy set in the world of Azeroth. Many factors certainly affect this. In my humble opinion, it is primarily the growing popularity of the duo from Back2Warcraft, who are doing their job well, and more and more services that deliver the latest news every day. It’s worth mentioning GornLan Harbor here. Undoubtedly, warcraft3.info also has a big impact on attracting new players. Their professional articles focusing mainly on technical analysis of the game bring invaluable substantive value.

Let’s get to the merits. The final WGL Summer 2019 tournament attracted nearly 35,000 spectators in front of the screens (Chinese users were excluded from the analysis). The English commentary at its peak moment could boast of nearly 9,500 viewers at one time. The Russian community gathered over 20,500 people. In the Twitch.tv website itself, the audience peaked at 20,300 viewers.

How is this compared to the winter edition? You can see a clear upward trend! Although the total number of impressions is much higher, as it amounts to 776 thousand, it should be taken into account that when collecting this data, also views of recordings from YouTube and Korean streaming services are counted. In addition, some time has passed since the end of WGL Winter 2018, so comparing these statistics is not necessarily meaningful. However, focusing on the other statistics shows a significant improvement.

And this is how the broadcasts in English were collected by 6240 viewers, Russians 6839, and the peak of viewership was attended by nearly 9,000 viewers on the Twitch.tv website. Some of the statistics have more than doubled. This is a good prognosis for the upcoming premiere of the refreshed version of Warcraft.

There are more eSports events ahead of us. The next edition of the W-League with European qualifications has been announced, and WCG 2019 Xi’an finals are waiting for just over a month. There will be plenty of emotions.

Source: reddit, ESCharts