WGL Winter 2019 – results for July tournaments

After the finals of WGL Summer 2019, in which Happy triumphed, it is the time for the winter edition of the tournament. Behind us is the first of four monthly qualifications on the NetEase platform.

The first division was “Open”, which included Foggy, WhO and TH000. It is not difficult to notice that the latest was the clear favorite of the games and without much difficulty reached for the highest stage of the podium. It is worth noting that the WCG 2019 silver medalist lost only one map.

The second stage of the podium went to the representative of LP Club Romantic, who defeated in the semi-final his friend from the team WFZ. Three points for the seat in TOP4 was also recorded by XiaoKK. In addition to cash prizes, gentlemens secured a share in the August “Pro” tournament.

It is also worth mentioning that a good performance was recorded by the representative of the Old Continent – Foggy, who finished the tournament on the spot 5-6.

Results for “Open” division:

  • TH000 – $291, 5 points
  • Romantic – $145, 4 points
  • XiaoKK, WFZ – $72, 3 points
  • Foggy 2964 – 2 points
  • HuG Pcg 123 – 2 points
  • WhO, Anxi Meteor Invain – 1 point

The “Pro” division brought a lot of surprise. First of all, Moon quickly said goodbye to the game and TOP4 was the dominance of the Newbee team. Interestingly, no medalist of the last WCG was on the podium. As if there were not enough surprises, the highest and second stage of the podium was for the players who specialize in the Orc race!

Results for “Pro” division:

  • 1. FoCuS – $582, 10 points
  • 2. Lyn – $291, 8 points
  • 3-4. 120, LawLiet – $145, 6 points
  • 5-6. Colorful, Infi – $73, 4 points
  • 7-8. So.in, Sok – $73, 4 points
  • 9-12 Zhou Xixi Fly100% Chaemiko Lun Guagua – 3 points
  • 13-16 Moon Check HawK Life – 2 points

The first qualifying tournament is behind us, but it is definitely too early to predict who will take part in the main event. In addition to qualifications, players can also earn points in the ranking on the NetEase platform. During the last tournament – WGL Summer, 34 points were enough to ensure participation in the main event.

There are still three qualifying rounds and qualifications for players from the west, of which unfortunately we do not have any information yet.

Source: Liquipedia