Yule Cup – results for Day 4

After a one-day break, the Yule Cup games returned on Sunday. Tournament in the King of the Hill formula, in which the invited players from China and Korea compete.

On the fourth day of the competition, Lucifer appeared as the defender of the title of the Champion, who assured him of defeating Check in the last match of the third day of the tournament. Korean representative of the mTw colors, Pcg 123 was chosen for his opponent.

He unfortunately paid his choice by ending the games on that day. FoV, who also had to recognize the superiority of his rival in the Undead evil. The Chinese man’s pass was interrupted by his compatriot Zhou Xixi, who reached for victory on the Amazonia. A player playing for Go was able to win one more match of the day by winning the mirror with Check.

Next player entered the game, whom we had the opportunity to watch during the second day of the competition: Colorful. The composition of Demon Hunter in combination with Keeper of the Grove turned out to be better than Demon Hunter + Naga from Zhou Xixi. In this way, Fly100% was the next opponent of Lai Yongyun.

It was also the second chance for the Chinese player. At the inaugural meeting he lost a match against XioaKK. The rival which Colorful was again proved to be too strong and so once again Fly100% said goodbye to the next game. The last chance for him to play will be on the sixth day of the competition.

As the last one, on the road to becoming the Champion in the next round, Romantic stood. So far, the LP Club member has won five times in the Yule Cup series. In addition, the men faced in the the second day of the competition, where the player of the Human race proved to be better. It was not different this time. Xu Yuxing won the last match of the day and secured himself the next day as defending the crown.

Yule Cup returns to us 7.08, and the transmission as always provides the Back2Warcraft team.